Monday, December 17, 2007

Stormy Weather

Well we got some snow, but not quite as much as we expected.
This shot is for Gayle who wanted to know.

Looks like about 9" in the front yard.
And yes I did drag my 9 year old out into the snow at 7:00 this morning in order to take a picture.
Hey, she wore boots.
Look at all that snow we tracked in. Yikes.
One of my wreaths fell down. I thought it looked kind of sad and depressing so I took a picture of it. I didn't pick it up, though. That would have taken too much effort.The other one blew away or was stolen a few weeks ago. I still haven't gotten to A.C. Moore to get a new one. It's just a fake wreath but still I wonder what happened to my other one. If it blew away down the street, where is it now?

Now I thought I would fill a post with some Christmas pictures. They're not great, but then neither are my decorating skills.
And you can tell I took these before the snow came. How can you tell?
Because all you can see are pine needles on the ground. I hate those things.
My kids were PISSED this morning. And when I say PISSED, I mean PISSED, all in capital letters. They were soooo set for a snow day but didn't get one. All the schools on the other side of Rochester got one and all the Buffalo schools are closed, but from Batavia east to Rochester all the schools are open. Kind of a weird turn of events because we usually get more snow than they do on the other side, but you never can tell which way Mother Nature is going to throw the snow. She's a fickle woman (and remember, "It's not nice to fool Mother Nature.").
Since we're not getting out of the 30s at all this week so I think it is safe to say that we'll have a Bing Crosby kind of Christmas.


Angelika said...

Trust me, I thought about you "Notherners" a lot this weekend. All I had to do this morning was actually scape my windshield, we had frost for the frist time in a while. One more for tonight and that will be it again.

Justine said...

uhhh hai.
i was at work before six that morning.
they can shut it.
and when i was still in grade school, never got a snow day.
damn marines and their efficiency plowing streets.