Monday, November 27, 2006

We're having an Amazon Christmas

Can someone write a song about that?
Yes, I have placed orders from Amazon. Apparently it is important to place orders for things that are in distribution centers close to where you live and that can be shipped easily because the orders (plural) I placed this weekend will be here this week.
But don't even try for Nintendo DS in Coral Pink - that won't be delivered until after Christmas.
Along with the Aly and AJ Christmas CD which is apparently in high demand as noted previously so that won't come until after Christmas either. This is why we have options. It's called and the CD is here already.
And I love Christmas music.
Absolutely adore it.
But not when Neil Diamond sings it. Sorry Gayle, I know he's your fave, but it just seems odd. He is Jewish after all. Perhaps if he released a CD with The Dreidel Song.
(And when Hannukah is here I will post a picture of my crystal dreidel.)
I love listening to Christmas music. Sometimes in July.
I just loaded some onto my iPod yesterday and created a playlist called, what else, Christmas music!
And to make a correction to a previous post, DN1 did not talk me into going to the mall. She called me out in a reply. So I will post a retraction.
But then I will clarify.
She guilted me into going to the mall.
And that's the truth, thus spoke Edith Ann.
Not much knitting going on around our house.
Or cleaning either.
I've been very busy completing some final projects for my class.
Do I expect an A?
Well, if my professor is reading (Hi!) certainly!
I have a 20 minute presentation ready for today and a rough draft of a paper. As she would say, so rough you'll cut your fingers.
And then a final version due in 2 weeks.
After that, back to knitting and reading some of the books I've been ordering for myself along with those Christmas presents (the best gift is the one you give to yourself, right?). I haven't picked up needles in a while and I have all this lovely sock yarn languishing waiting for me to knit with it!!
And my poor eldest son, I've been so busy I haven't even mailed his birthday package to him and as you might note, his birthday was yesterday.
Bad mother.
You can see why I'm in the 8th circle of Hell.
There is hope for me yet, though, something that will bring me forward a few circles.
I've been asked to be a substitute Sunday School Teacher for DN2's class (grades K-3).
Can you imagine that?
Me either.


Justine said...

okay so for one...i DID NOT guilt you into taking me to the willing called and asked me where i wanted to go...

number two...someone condemned to the 8th circle of hell should not be leading a group of impressionable young children on sunday mornings...sick mom...just sick...

that is all

okay i love you buhbye!

KnittyOtter said...

Let me see what I can do...


*pokey hugs*

Kat said...

We are also an Amazon family. I got the Leap Start sent off to my nephew, and the My First Leap Pad sent to my niece and somehow both I got free shipping on. My kids both have Amazon wish lists. Its a modern world, no one lives close enough to us to know what they are into, and it makes the shipping easier. I learned my lesson last year--I order early. Last year we had a last minute Shake 'N Go speedway frenzy... I had been holding off to get it, and then suddenly it was "not available". Yikes.

Movie Boy is a February baby, and I see this as a blessing because anything that is "not available" for Christmas works as a birthday present.

And... teaching Sunday School, eh? I wanna sit in on THAT class. If the nuns were like you, I may have paid attention... :)