Friday, November 03, 2006

Some thoughts

I always end up sitting behind or near women who insist on talking as loud as they can to each other and to everyone else. (Hello! I'm engaging in anti-social behavior here! Can you keep your voices down???)

If Melinda Gordon aka "The Ghost Whisperer" aka The Boob Whisperer, continues to tell people about the ghosts she sees, by Season 3 everyone in her town will know she has this gift. ("Aw, that cute girl with the big tits talks to ghosts.")

My mother, at 75, can now feasibly fit into my size 9 Calvin Klein jeans I've saved since high school. (Bitch can't have 'em.)

Just because the movie is a cartoon doesn't mean it's appealing to kids. ("Ferngully" and "We're Back" are ones that immediately come to mind.)

It's difficult to skim a 300 page book. (But by golly I'll try to do it before Monday.)

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