Wednesday, April 11, 2012

When a Little Yarn Becomes Too Much

At what point did I cross the threshold, the one where I didn't have any yarn to the point where I really think I have too much?
It had to be a few years ago, but I continued to cross an already-straining bridge and buy more yarn.
Now no one is to blame but myself.
And really, I am not unhappy with my yarn.
I truly believe it is a security net of sorts for my old age (God help me that I actually live as long a life as my antecedents).
When I'm ancient and living on whatever retirement benefits I'm allowed I know that I'll have a lovely cushion of wool to comfort me.
The realization that I probably have too much yarn came to me a few days ago as I opened up a cedar chest to find something and all this yarn tumbled out. Yarn that I had completely forgotten that I had purchased.
As I was not working yesterday (two naps in the recliner, I'd consider that a good day off), I decided that I should actually sort through said cedar chest, see what was in there with regards to clothing that can go to Goodwill, and make some semblance of order with my yarn.
This is the end result.

That's a lot of yarn, isn't it.
It's all wool, or a wool blend.
Sock yarn is on top, worsted weight on the second shelf, bulky weight on the third shelf, and the bottom has "specialty" yarns, some knit scarves that are screaming to be blocked, plus some roving with which I intended to make thrummed mittens a few years ago.
I literally had to stop and remember why I had roving.
It's been that long.
There's some Knit Picks Imagination sock yarn in there too. It's lovely. Why hasn't it been made into socks? Better question, when did I buy it?
Don't answer.
That's rhetorical.
Even better question to consider: why was I storing acrylic yarn in a cedar chest. Exactly what part of the acrylic am I protecting from moths?
So now that my cedar chest is sorted, I can see a bit clearer into the future.
One thing I have to admit, however, is that I still have two other cabinets to sort through.
If you're looking for me, I will be on the couch contemplating my wooly nest egg.
Did I mention that I have the same cross-stitch retirement plan?


Jennifer said...

Awww - I love your yarn stash cedar closet. It's beautiful!

charlotte said...

I have the sort of the same plan with fabric and dressmaking patterns. Both MrPB and I are self employed so whilst we are both working I allow myself to buy whatever I like or should I say need ready for times of hardship.