Tuesday, April 10, 2012

So Where Have You Been?

Me, you ask?
I've been working.
Going crazy.
Stressing out.
Knitting too much, cleaning too little.
Same old, same old.
The semester is winding down, and we're gearing up for Commencement, amongst other end-of-year activities, so it's been very busy.
Which is an understatement.
I went to A.C. Moore and bought more yarn.
I am not sure, and I was asking myself that question even as I left the store.
I finished a pair of socks:

I call them my 4Evah socks because they took me forever to knit.
And I knit one sock from a pair of socks:

Okay, okay, I still have to stitch up the toe. I will. I'm not afraid of the Kitchener stitch, in fact I really enjoy it.
There was a blip when I was making these socks, however. I started decreasing for the toe, and noticed that I had the stitches wrong on the needles, so I unknit to where I had started the toe decrease.
Well, at least I thought I had.
As I was finishing up the last of the decreases I noticed that I had left a K2Tog in (and if you look closely I think there's still a SSK in there too).
Being the lazy knitter that I am, and knowing that these socks are too ill-fitting to be worn in public with normal shoes (plus too bulky), I left it (them) in.
Can you see them here above the bottom needle?

I'm thinking about calling it a sock dimple.
I'll let you know if that catches on.
I cast on for Multnomah, but as much as I love the pattern, and the yarn I'm using (which sadly seems to be pooling on one side), I needed something bigger for my pre-menopausal, pre-arthritic hands and failing eyesight.
You'll notice the above ill-knitted socks are knit on larger needles (size 7s, as a matter of fact).
I'll go back to Multnomah, but only when it's bright and I can see the needles clearly.
Getting old is a right pain.
I have been reading intermittently, and as a matter of fact I have books that are now officially one day overdue at the library.
Hello $1.50 in fines.
C'est la vie.
C'est la forgetfulness on my part.
So that should bring you partially up to speed with my life.
What's new with yours?


Jennifer said...

Oops - I know what it's like when you're on a yarn diet and the yarn simply JUMPS into your basket. It's evil like that. Like chocolate, only fewer calories!

Love your socks. Keep up the great work. Don't be so hard on yourself. You always need new socks... and the housework will ALWAYS be there. So I vote for the new socks.

: )

charlotte said...

Socks look pretty good to me!