Monday, March 12, 2012

Springtime KAL

Anyone in the mood for a KAL?
I received an email from Red Heart - hey, don't judge, they have good patterns - announcing their spring KAL.
They took votes, I guess, and decided to do Kate's Shawl based upon the shawl Kate Middleton, or rather Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, was photographed wearing at a supermarket in England.
Here's Kate in her now infamous shawl:

The KAL begins March 28, and honestly this looks like it might be a fun spring project.
It's done on size 8s with four skeins of Red Heart Soft Yarn, so you know the cost won't exceed $20 unless you substitute more expensive yarn.
Here's the Red Heart version:

I'm even considering doing it in the green color just because a grass green is a good spring color (although they used one called Dark Leaf - slightly darker, I suppose).
I fear their green color may make me look bilious, and I've looked at options on the Web, and I do think I'll go with the grass green. I suppose I should go to the store and see if they have it.
That would be too hard.
The only part that looks a little fiddly is when working the ruffles - you have to pick up and knit 144 stitches (yikes!) for the bottom ruffle, and 285 (egad!) for the top. Otherwise the body of the shawl is a simple 2-row pattern repeat.
More information can be found at the Red Heart blog.
Let me know if you're thinking about doing this.
I think I just might.

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charlotte said...

What is KAL ? I have always wantec to knit a shawl. I think you should go for it!