Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Connecticut, Part Two

I'm not afraid to use four-letter words.
Not at all.
One of my favorite four-letter words, of course, is yarn.
Many of you who have read Major Knitter's blog over time know that she is an expert on yarn, and if you're not reading it, well, then you should be. Get on it.
After we hit the beach (figuratively), we headed over for a quick trip to Westport Yarns.
It amazes me at times that such unassuming buildings can contain such a plethora of pleasures.
(Since I don't really know how to use, or even actually have, Photoshop, I've made this picture small in an attempt to make me look smaller. Lie to me and tell me it's working.)
Hubby was thrilled to be making this pilgrimage.
My younger one too.
(That's sarcasm just so you know, if you're not recognizing it for what it is.)
Hey, get over it.
It's yarn.
They stayed for about two mikes, and then left and found a pet store.
To each his own.
How is Westport Yarns?
As I was saying earlier, it holds so many goodies that it's hard to resist the siren call of yarn.
So I didn't.
Here's pictures of what I bought.
Some Kidsilk Haze in Hurricane. Should have purchased three. Oh well.

And a local yarn - sock yarn - called Ellyn Cooper's Yarn Sonnets, Zohar's Socks in Waterman Silver.

It's only one skein, but I took two pictures trying to show the colors.
The colors reminded me of the Long Island Sound in winter, and like the ocean in winter, the colors keep their secrets.
Wow, that was bad.
Moving along.
Odd, don't you think though that I chose yarns that reflect the dark greyish-blue of the water?
Hmmm...I wonder if there's a connection....anyway...
Major Knitter, one of those gift people, also ensured that I had another Connecticut memento.
Here's a knitting bag made in Connecticut:

Isn't it pretty?
I love how the blue theme - you'd almost think it was my favorite color (it is).
It's from Fibers Entwined by Laura Hein Eckel.
Sorry everything is so dark. Do I need to tell you again? It's March in New York, it's always dark.
After our quick journey to the four-letter word store, we came back home for a delicious dinner with Major Knitter and BF.
Now if you recall, Major Knitter sent me some Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock for Valentine's Day.
I had to bring it with me on the trip so Major Knitter could see it.

Pretty....my precious....
Since I had every intention of finishing my sock that I am currently working on (but didn't), we decided to wind my yarn, and enlisted my youngest to help.
At first it was fun:
And then it was just a bit less fun:
And then it became a chore, but she worked on it with a smile on her face:
Winding yarn is hard work. Here she is with the finished project. Time for a breather:
What a great day we had.
In the morning it was time to leave and say goodbye to Wilma, oh, yeah and Major Knitter and her BF too, although I'm doing that virtually because BF is a very busy man - half of a very busy couple!
Knowing that they carved out some time from their collectively busy schedule makes our quick visit that much sweeter.
It was great to see you - hope to come back soon! We can sit on the beach and knit (now that sounds like fun).
And now we're off to New York City!

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