Thursday, March 08, 2012

NYC, Part One

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New York City.
The Big Apple.
Did you know that even though I grew up in New York State, I never visited NYC until I was 23 years old.
Hard to believe, isn't it?
My family just didn't travel like that, it's not something we did. Actually we never even took family vacations.
Don't worry, I'm not feeling deprived, just making a statement.
Hubby, however, grew up in NYC.
He loves being there although he's not quite so sure if he'd want to raise his kids there (and let's be honest, we certainly don't make enough money to live there either).
Although it would be nice. I don't mind the city, and I don't mind the country. I'm happy in either place.
We left Major Knitter's and drove quite easily into the city having left Connecticut well after rush hour.
We're so smart, aren't we.
After checking into our hotel we left our bags and went out.
With only one day to be in the city, we had some things to do.
Sadly, no yarn shop adventures for me.
I used up my opportunity a year and a half ago when I made everyone go to Purl Soho and Lion Brand Yarn Studio. 
That's okay, I have enough yarn to see me through this lifetime (but don't tell hubby I said that).
We had a nice room at the Marriott Residence Inn on 6th and 39th. I'd go back there again - it's four/five blocks down to Macy's, and within walking distance of many theaters and Times Square. Plus the breakfast was huge (and free).
Of course the city view while amazing... not always necessarily pretty.
That's okay, we didn't come to NYC to sit in a hotel room.
We only had part of the day and the night to do what we wanted to do.
What we did was eat lunch, get tickets for our show, and then went out to dinner with the SIL.
Now my sister-in-law just turned 50 on March 1, and you certainly wouldn't know it.
Here she is on the left.

Here are pictures of us at dinner.
Of course the fat girl got in the pic at the end.
The woman on the far right is a childhood friend of hubby and the SIL - they grew up on the same block together, so this was the first time in 30 years that hubby has seen her.
We had dinner at Carmine's Restaurant - it was delicious, but man that place was packed.
They serve the food family style, all on big platters that you share, and that's fun, but it is a popular place.
I'd go back. Anyone want to join me?
After dinner we went to our show, but that you'll have to hear about tomorrow.
A domani! (as they'd say at Carmine's)


Jennifer said...

Sounds like a great NYC day. I LOVE Carmine's - it's so much fun. Can't wait to read more of your adventures!

charlotte said...

what a wonderful time you are having!