Monday, March 05, 2012

Connecticut, Part One

Before I left, my husband said, "You're staying in the guest room of a person you barely know."
"Pretty much," I said. "I met her in person once. She sent me yarn."
"This is just something knitters do, isn't it?" he said.
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Our departure from New York state on Thursday was early, inauspicious, yet filled with questionable weather.
What can you expect - it's New York in March. Anything is possible.
We had started our journey planning with one goal in mind, and that was to make it to Virginia on Saturday. Then hubby's sister asked if we could come spend time with her in NYC, and then I mentioned to Major Knitter that we would be in the area and she invited us to come stay. Last time we were in NYC we really would have liked to see Major Knitter, but if there's one thing you need to know about her, it's that she's very, very (very) busy. She's the type who if you need someone to step up and get something accomplished, she's the person you'd want (which means that those slackers out there depend on can-do people like her, and then they do nothing). So this opportunity to see her (and her BF) was perfect.
Knowing this we decided to make this a perfect (yet busy) trip.
And it worked out perfectly.
Fortunately our journey to Connecticut was quick (enough) and we ended up on the doorstep of none other than Major Knitter!
Let's be clear, I have known Major Knitter for a few years now, and I have stayed at her house once before (and she once at mine), so the quote above applies, but now we've been friends for over 10 years. (Can you believe that? Over 10 years!)
Plus I let my daughter stay with her for a few weeks, or a month one summer. It's been so long that I can't remember. But that innate trust? It's a Marine thing too, not just a knitter thing, and the Marine Corps is where I met her, down at Quantico VA.
As I told my youngest, who was traveling with us, Major Knitter is the person who taught me how to knit!
She looked at me with such surprise, and that alone kind of shocked me.
How could someone who had such an impact on my life (all to the good!) not be the stuff of family legends!
Perhaps the older kids are aware, but it could be that as she is the youngest and was only three when the good major and I became fast friends she just never made the connection. (She probably thought she was just some lady who sent me gorgeous yarn.)
Now she knows. Now she'll remember.
Major Knitter and her gracious BF hosted us overnight on Thursday, and it was such a great time.
You know those visits where every moment is precious, and you enjoy each one.
What we didn't know is that we have something in common, and I'm sure as with many Marine families, and some civilian ones too, is that we are all quite cognizant of the storylines for each season of NCIS.
That just kind of tickled me, as BF has given Major Knitter NCIS-inspired gifts, and they enjoy watching the show on DVD. Too awesome for words.
And then as we talked I realized, wait, it seems that I know just a bit too much about this show as well.
There's something else we have in common - you guessed it - yarn.
More about that later (like tomorrow).
Upon arrival we were met by the venerable wonder dog, Wilma.
Wilma is even cuter in person than she is in her pictures.
We settled our bags, and immediately left the house to go to the beach.
Upon our arrival at Compo Beach we realized that, yes, it really is too cold in March to go into the water.
But not too cold to take care of some business, right Wilma?
Don't worry, it got cleaned up.
Later on Wilma decided that she trusted us enough to take a nap while we sat on the couch.

See! I told you! Lots of good times on this trip.
More tomorrow where I'll discuss that four letter word again - Yarn.

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