Friday, January 07, 2011

Not new music, but relatively new to me

Too good not to share:


And just to provide some variety, here's her cover of a Kinks song:

For the record, this song, "Village Green Preservation Society" is the theme song for the British tv show "Clatterford" known in England as "Jam and Jerusalem" which leads me to three questions that remain unanswerable, but I'll ask them anyway:

1) why does the name always have to be changed (or dumbed down) for Americans, i.e., Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone became the Sorcerer's Stone

2) why is British tv so much better than American tv

3) why does American tv always have to remake a British show only to see it fail miserably nine times out of ten (the only success being "The Office")

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Caroline said...

These are good questions, Julie, and I think the answer is that it is all part of a diabolical plot to make Americans really dumb.

Oh! and yes, I remember Dawn. I loved Barbies and all things Barbie, even though my mom was against them...didn't like the teeny tiny waist and big boob thing. I do remember that Dawn was smaller, but that didn't matter. I would have still played with them in junior high if I hadn't been worried I'd be "caught" by my stupid friends who only cared about real boys.

Aurora! Not sure if I spelled that right, but I knew it right off the bat. LOVED Prince Phillip! Loved the fairy godmothers, and especially loved Aurora. What a beautiful middle name. So, I guess you don't get razzed by your daughter as I do by mine, who told her friends last night as we were just chatting. I hate my middle name. It's so boring...It's Elizabeth. My two best friends' middle names were Elizabeth. What the heck?? How can she not love that name??