Monday, April 13, 2009

Reading Roundup - Week 15

I read some grown-up books this week.
Imagine that.
I think I needed a short break from the YA stuff.
A couple of books I had requested through inter-library loan came in and I just started reading and didn't stop.
They're both by Mary Stewart, and I adore her writing.
She takes me to visit locales that I may never get to, and some of which no longer exist as they did when she used them as a setting.
She's still alive, but no longer writes, I think because she's in her 90s, but she has really put out some great books in her lifetime.
I might have talked about her before, but only because she remains one of those writers whose books, once discovered, never leave my library, and are often called upon when my brain needs quieting and comfort.
So this week I read Nine Coaches Waiting (37) and Wildfire at Midnight (38).
Yes, her books are considered romance novels, but they're really more romantic suspense, and no one is ever tumbling into bed in the middle of the story.
Somehow it keeps the story much cleaner, and more fluid.
For those of you old enough to remember this movie, or even old enough to remember when The Disney Channel actually showed movies on the channel rather than tv shows, you may recall a movie called The Moon-Spinners starring Hayley Mills.
(And if you're like my brother you may have had a crush on Hayley.)
Mary Stewart wrote the book, which of course is a bit different from the movie, but you can't beat the scenery.
If you're interested, you can actually check out the entire movie on youtube.
Here's the first ten minutes:

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