Sunday, November 23, 2008

Isn't this what you need when you're 22?

DN1 turns 22 today.
Hard to believe all those years ago that a doctor could actually interrupt his watching of the Cowboys vs. Redskins game to come deliver a baby.
It was a stretch, I have to tell you.
Guess it is a good thing the Redskins won the game.
November 23 Washington Redskins 41-14 Dallas Cowboys RFK Stadium
We were living in Northern Virginia at the time, and the radio stations used to play Hail to the Redskins all the time.
I'm not a big Redskins fan; hell, I'm not even a big football fan anymore, but I'll never forget that particular game.
Who would have thought that 22 years after that fateful Sunday I'd be buying these boots for that particular baby:

She was here long enough to open her presents, and then head back over to her friends for an early Thanksgiving dinner.
Perhaps she'll even watch some football.
After all, she's turned into a Sabres fan since moving up here.
Happy Birthday, Tall Girl.

1 comment:

Clownbaby said...

Dear mommy,
I love you.
I had the best birthday.
We'll celebrate more later.
Sorry I wasn't around more.