Sunday, June 24, 2012

Will Work for Yarn

My friend, Jean (she's the nice one in her family, so she says), e-mailed me earlier this week and said that she was looking at the baby knits and wondered if I could make something for her.
Not for her, specifically, but to give as a gift.
What she really asked was what would I charge her to make something.
I told her that I wouldn't charge her anything, but she could pick up the cost of the yarn, and I don't like the cheap stuff.
She's good with that (remember, she's the nice one), so we've agreed on a baby boy something for now, and something else for a baby girl for later - even Christmas.
Jean, being so nice, has much more confidence in my knitting abilities than I do.
While I've seen tons of nice things for baby knits, I don't want to overestimate my ability to finish something, especially since Jean's other specification was that it should "wow" the recipients when they open the package.
So here's what I'm thinking:
For the baby boy, the Baby Partridge Vest. While the pattern is simple, and shouldn't take too long, I think the yarn really makes the difference in this vest. The pattern calls for Schaefer Yarn - Chris, and their shop sample was knit using the Patsy Mink colorway. Even though the color is one of the Memorable Women colors, and it's for a boy, I think it is a lovely, autumn color although quite frankly I certainly hope to finish the vest well before the leaves begin to turn. I think a vest would be nice too because it covers the chest, and is a great transition piece into the cooler days of fall.
Go with me on this.
I hope that there's some of the yarn left after knitting because I would love either booties or a hat to go with this vest, and once I get the yarn I'll go shop and find a complementary solid color for the other project(s). I'm really loving these - Saartje's Booties - but we'll see.
In the meantime the great closet purge continues.
Last weekend I took so much stuff to Goodwill that I filled up one of their giant rolling carts.
I also took some broken kitchen appliances to SunnKing for recycling. The guy at the retail store was so nice that he helped me carry stuff inside. Who does that? Amazing.
Friday night I went through my linen cupboard and now have two stuffed garbage bags of bed linens that I don't want/need and that will be donated.
Surprisingly the linen cupboard's door closes now.
Yea me!
Soon I'll get around to tackling the attic.
If it's been sitting up there for six years with no movement, chances are we don't need it anymore.

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Melissa Bloom said...

Happiness is... a tidy linen closet. Mine often defeats me!