Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Still Knitting

We went to the movies this past Saturday.
Hubby really wanted to see Prometheus - he's a big Alien(s) fan - and he's been anxiously awaiting this film's release.
So in concession to his wish to see this film, I said, "Let's go."
And we did.
Well since my baby knitting was in a state of finishing, and you can't take this with you and screw it up in a theatre especially when knitting with greasy buttered popcorn fingers in the dark, I needed a new project.
I grabbed a skein of Bernat Denimstyle that has been in my stash for a few years (like about 8 to be exact), and which has been desperately longing to be made into a sock, my size 7 DPs, and off we went to the mall.
Hubby drove so I could cast on.
I started the K2P2 ribbing, and then continued in the theatre since we got there early enough to still have light. For some reason, I should have cast on 2 more stitches, or 2 less, because my ribbing was screwy.
The hell with it, I thought, these socks are for the winter anyway, and no one is going to see the top.
Then - THEN - just before the movie was going to start I realized that somehow I had screwed up the ribbing. My K2P2 had become P2K2 and was not aligned.
Rip it out, or keep knitting?
The hell with it was my decision, again, and I just started knitting.
The bottom line is that my ribbing is probably only an inch instead of two, the socks won't stay up, but hey, I'm using up stash yarn, right?
It's all good.
So the movie starts, and I am knitting stockinette.
And knitting.
And knitting.
Let me interject here and tell you that I wasn't really thrilled about seeing this movie.
SciFi is kind of not my "thing," but I was willing to go along anyway.
With my knitting in hand, I could handle anything.
At least that's how I had it figured.
Plus there's always popcorn.
Well the movie was good.
And then it was gross.
And I kept knitting.
And then the gross things started happening, and I had to keep knitting faster and faster - and especially fast when things were really, really gross.
I'm a bit squeamish about certain things like aliens inside people, etc.
What was the end result?

  1. The movie wasn't all that bad - I actually really enjoyed it
  2. Michael Fassbender plays an excellent robot
  3. Charlize Theron must be a robot
  4. I knit 7 inches on my sock

Sunday night after wrapping up the baby stuff I knit the heel flap as I watched Queen- The Making of a Night at the Opera, picked up and knit stitches, and now I'm ready to decrease the gusset and then on to the foot.

Since the little girl is going to be swimming at least three nights a week this summer, I also foresee me logging in some pool hours.
Not that I'll be doing anything there but getting bleacher butt and knitting for two uninterrupted hours.
Oh, how I suffer for my craft.

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