Thursday, December 02, 2010

Is it too early to think about New Year's resolutions?

I've been considering what kind of New Year's resolutions I can make this year.
With the New Year a short 30 days away (if I did my math right) it's really not too soon for me to consider how I can improve my life in 2011.
Some of the ideas that have been bouncing around inside my brain housing group are:

1. Co-writing a story/book with someone comes to mind.
Such as - you write a chapter, then I write a chapter, etc.
Just for fun, mind you.
Any takers?

2. Also I've been thinking that it would be great to do nothing but knit up all the sock yarn I have - make it the New Year of Socks, or something along those lines.
But I'm not sure how that would be for me - I have such knitting ADD that I don't even know if I could last two weeks knitting only socks.
It's a great thought though, don't you think?

3. Decluttering always has a place on the list, but that's something that will never be accomplished to the degree that it should be.

4. Maybe even give up one food I love for an entire month to see how I do - just kind of a test for myself.

5. Organizing my pantry comes to mind too, but that's hardly a New Year's resolution, more of a "to do" list item.

6. The last thing I've been pondering is how to focus on improving my "professional" life.
I took a seminar this summer that was underwhelming (glad the State paid and not me), but I did take away two things from there.
First, that in whatever you do you should always remember - Q-TIP.
Quit Taking It Personally.
See, now you can't shake that one either, can you.
Second, that you should focus 3 hours a month on professional development.
I never do that.
But there are some certifications I'd like to get, and they would require me to take a HUGE test, so I would need to study.
Can I find time for focused study?
Only time (or the New Year) will tell.

Has anyone else been considering their New Year's resolutions?


Caroline said...
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Caroline said...

First of all, Delilah is DARLING! And, I can't spell "prairie" with confidence either.

Second of all, I'm thinking that I'll just have to commandeer your list. The only one that I don't need too much is de-cluttering. I do have some clutter, but not much. I'm the daughter of an "almost-hoarder," so, of course.....I throw stuff out with a vengeance, which regularly torques Russ off. (Oh! you needed that woodworking magazine?? I'm sorry about that.)

OK, let's write a book together. I have a very limited area of expertise though. You know where I'm going with this, don't you. I want to write a book! I was thinking adding recipes and pictures to some of the ideas from my thesis would make a great book!