Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Time is Here

Go ahead and read the title words, but now do it again to the tune of "Christmas time is here" and you'll get a sense of my mood.
I'm not a huge Thanksgiving fan although it is a good time of the year, low-stress, two birthdays to celebrate, leading in to Christmas, but it's really always been about the wonderful three day work week.
And who doesn't like short work weeks.
Don't answer.
Knowing that I have from 5:00 Wednesday, November 24th through 7:00 November 29th to perform all things sedentary my big question is: What should I focus on knitting?
Here's my current WIP list:

(1) A prayer shawl (that is really done, but those size 13 needles are great for knitting at the movies)
(2) Socks #1 - finish and start second sock
(3) Socks #2 - finish and start second sock
(4) Some random boring scarf for DH

So, should I do one of the above, or:

(5) Start some new totally random project that I have in my Ravelry queue, such as the Whitewater Wrist Warmers or the Traveling Woman Shawl.
Okay, to let you in on a secret I'm actually stacking the deck because I have some Debbie Bliss silk that I bought to make the wristwarmers, but really shouldn't that yarn be used for something more significant?
I'm just saying.

Here's what it looks like in case you've forgotten:

Let me know what you think.
I'm waiting with baited breath.


Micky said...

Oh you know you must start something with that silk. If not the wristwarmers then something else.
It's a must. I mean look at it.
NO I am not an enabler at all.

Caroline said...

I'm so glad you're back! Blogging hasn't been at the top of my list lately either, but when I'm into it, I want my friends into it too, of course!!

I vote for using the silk too, and what's wrong with beautiful wristwarmers. Your wrists deserve luxury too!!