Friday, September 05, 2008

Knitting in Class

So I started my new class two weeks ago.
It will be interesting. Difficult, but definitely interesting.
The professor is a character; he is very entertaining and helps to pass the time, but honestly that hour between 8 and 9 pm always passes very slowly.
I heard one girl ask him at the end of class on Wednesday if he minded if she brought her knitting to class.
He asked, "What will you do when you have to take notes?"
And she replied, "Put my needles down."
I have to admire her for doing this, not only asking but actually bringing it in, and I'm sure I'll wish that I brought mine in too, but I probably won't.
Yes, working on knitting is soothing and definitely does help me concentrate more, but the classroom we are in is in the basement of the building, so I already feel claustrophobic, and on top of that we have 20 people plus the professor. Even though we have windows I still feel very cramped in that room sitting in a circle, elbow to elbow with the other students.
Of course I'm sure if I lost about 30-100 pounds I wouldn't feel so big, but that's not going to happen quickly.
Who knows, I may bring something in eventually because I have to knit the companion to this guy.

Isn't he cute?
He's very well-constructed, if I do say so myself.


Jennifer said...

If she knits socks for the professor, do you think she'll get an A?

I love your sock. Looks perfect.

Kat said...

That sock is so great it even has a girlfriend ;)

Caroline said...

Love the socks. I'm for any shade of purple. What's your class. I always want to knit in meetings or whatever, but I usually feel too cramped or just won't be able to concentrate.