Monday, September 01, 2008

All is Fair

We went to the NYS Fair this weekend.
Lots to see and do.
Lots to tell you about, but first I'll tell you about one of the booths there -- it was my favorite.
Of course it cost money.
You sign your name and get your personality analysis.
Here is what mine had to say:
You are a loyal, energetic, and capable worker
Your temperament is suitable for competitive occupations
You are somewhat critical of others at times
You love admiration and acknowledgement
Your sense of humor gets you into trouble sometimes
Your moods vary from the highest to the lowest
You can be a tyrant at home and difficult to live with
You become depressed if you don't make the progress you planned
You have a strong desire for wisdom
You are open minded and adaptable in most situations
You enjoy associating with glamorous people
It is your nature to fight defeat

DN2 thinks the point about my sense of humor getting me in trouble is true.
What does she know.
Did I pay her $3.00 to agree with the analysis?

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