Tuesday, May 02, 2006

What we're not watching

I read a lot of blogs, some are about knitting, and some are about celebrities. So sue me - I like to look at the pictures. There is an interesting piece about Tom Cruise on the Celebritology blog by Liz Kelly located at "The Washington Post." I do not like Tom Cruise or his movies. Granted, I did like “Risky Business” – who didn’t – but lately he has become a bit overzealous with his attempts to persuade the public that his way is the best, and only, way to live your life and that everyone else is an uneducated idiot. Yeah, okay. Anyway, because I do not like what he stands for or how he acts, I have taken action in the best way possible – I do not go to see his movies. That’s right; I will not knowingly put money in his pocket. “War of the Worlds”? Nope – preferred the “Scary Movie 4” take on it. “Eyes Wide Shut”? Nope, thought he appeared to be a bit disingenuous about everything, from the movie to the publicity for the movie. I could keep going but I think you get the idea.

Interestingly enough I am not the only person who is boycotting Tom Cruise movies. The poll at "The Washington Post" blog asks two questions: one, do you plan on going to see “Mission: Impossible III”; two, if you answered no, why not. There are a lot of people out on the internet right now, so the numbers continue to rise, and the public is not in favor of seeing this movie. Go check it out. (It’s the entry on 5/2 at 10:43 – you may have to scroll to get there). She compares him to Howard Hughes. How funny.

This is one movie I will not be going to see this weekend. I'd rather go see "Hoot" instead.


Micky said...

I agree. Although I did like some of his earlier films, lately I just can't stand the sight of him. I started disliking him when he split with Nicole. Not for that reason, but about that time period. I feel so sorry for the little wifey and baby. Cult anyone?

Kat said...

She is now Kate? Because Tom says she's all grown up because she can pop out a baby? Hmm... I'm thinking that 1) He's okay with boinking a "Katie" and making her a "Kate", and 2) Is she really all grown up? because it seems to me she is still trying to date the star quarterback of the football team. But that's just me... and I went from Kathleen to Kat, so no telling what THAT means.

Penny said...

Tom took the "I" out of Katie....subliminal message, no. Top Gun was on a few weeks ago and, being the navy ho I am, I had to watch. I thought to myself, gee remember when he was normal? Can't act but at least we could pretend he was hot so it didn't matter.